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*More* of the same

February 25, 2018
A week after Toby & Carol’s retirement as Senior Pastors of the Kingdom Vineyard, Jim shares his and Rachel’s vision for the upcoming season for the church.

Anointed and Sent

January 21, 2018
An unusual and astonishing healing miracle gives us a case study in Jesus anointing us and sending us to represent him, even before we have all the answers we might think…
Part 2 of our series going through Philippians, Paul writes to explain to his friends how he is doing, and the Gospel is doing, since his imprisonment. How is the…


September 17, 2017
What is a 'HomeGroup', and how do they fit into our Christian living? Can Paul's metaphor of the 'Body' of Christ apply to our smaller, mid-week meetings, as well as…