Following the announcement of Carol’s imminent retirement at our Thanksgiving/12th birthday yesterday, we wanted to put it in print for anyone who was unable to be there.

After 12 years in joint senior pastorship with Toby, Carol will be stepping down after Christmas. She will no longer be a paid member of staff but is looking forward to continuing to serve and minister within KV on a voluntary basis – like everyone else. Toby will continue as Senior Pastor.

This is a decision which Toby and Carol have come to after considerable thought and prayer, and after taking the advice of their Overseers and Trustees. All agree that Carol has done and given all that God has asked of her in this role and that it is time for her to move into whatever new plans He has for her. Carol wants you to know that it has been her joy and privilege to serve God and KV as Senior Pastor, and it will be no less so to find out what is next on His agenda!

We join Carol in extending thanks to everyone, past and present members alike, for making KV such a wonderful part of the Kingdom in which we serve!

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