In all we do, we simply seek to “help people make connections with God”. We believe that the Church exists to extend the Kingdom of God through every part of the world.


Because these connections are personal, in Worship we value informality and accessibility, as well as intimacy with God (Ps 103.1).


Likewise, our approach to God’s Word in the Bible is usually more practical than academic. (Perhaps this is why so many Theology students make us their spiritual home!) We want to apply God’s word to making new disciples, as well as better disciples, and believe in keeping things simple wherever possible (Mt 11.25).


Social justice and care for the needy are key facets of God’s Kingdom, not optional extras. We seek to bring God’s kingdom to the world in Works as well as words, and actively seek ways to bless people, whether or not they believe the same as we do (Is 58.6-9, Jas 2.14-17).


In our theology and experience, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are available today, just as they were in Bible times. We expect and love the supernatural work of God as He performs miracles or Wonders through every member of the church (1 Cor 12.7-11).

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